The John Carter Online Games are a series of online games created by Disney for the purpose of promoting John Carter.

John Carter: Lost SymbolEdit

The Lost Symbol game is a a game that involves the matching of blocks that have Martian Glyphs on them. There are various types of gameplay, and there are two modes and arcade and story mode. There are two versions of the game, the normal version and a slimmed down version for Facebook.

Story ModeEdit

In the story mode you move throughout Barsoom to different locations, in each location you unlock a Glyph when you beat the level, when the first ten levels are played you translate the unlocked glyphs and reveal the final two levels!

Level 1Edit

Welcome to Barsoom. This mysterious land holds great powers and mysterious treasures. Solve each puzzle to unlock a glimpse into the world of Barsoom.

Gameplay - Slide

Goal - Brown Blocks

Glyph Unlocked GlyphM

Image unlocked


Level 2Edit

Glowing in the dusk is Helium. Its citizens keep a watchful eye over the landscape, longing for the oceans long gone.

Gameplay - Swap

Goal - Brown Blocks

Glyph Unlocked GlyphA

Image unlocked


Level 3Edit

The mobile city Zodanga rises among its clouded path of destruction. This clan of nomadic predators are in constant search of new territory.

Gameplay - Group

Goal - Brown Blocks

Glyph Unlocked GlyphT

Image unlocked


Level 4Edit

The Thark Camp is nestled amongst the red plains and vast mountains of Barsoom. Its displaced inhabitants were once a proud race!

Gameplay - Chain

Goal - Brown & Peach Blocks

Glyph Unlocked GlyphA

Image unlocked


Level 5Edit

Many strange creatures roam this land and while some are vicious, others can be tamed.

Gameplay - Slide

Goal - Brown & Peach Blocks

Glyph Unlocked GlyphI

Image unlocked


Level 6Edit

Ancient Barsoomian mythology is embedded along the River Iss study the symbols and allow them to light your path

Gameplay - Swap

Goal - Brown & Peach Blocks

Glyph Unlocked GlyphS

Image unlocked


Level 7Edit

A great beast is present, which hunts by sight and smell. Tread lightly and perhaps you wont provoke its wrath. Use your found powers to your advantage.

Gameplay - Group

Goal - Brown, Dark, & Peach Blocks

Glyph Unlocked GlyphH

Image unlocked


Level 8Edit

From this land a great princess shall rise. She was trained to rule and fight, but even she needs help to save her people.

Gameplay - Chain

Goal - Brown, Dark, & Peach Blocks

Glyph Unlocked GlyphA

Image unlocked


Level 9Edit

A Heliumite warship approaches in the distance, sailing on the winds of war and conflict.

Gameplay - Group

Goal - Brown, Dark, & Peach Blocks

Glyph Unlocked GlyphN

Image unlocked


Level 10Edit

Within your grasp is a mysterious medallion. Its powers are untold and its purpose unclear.

Gameplay - Chain

Goal - Brown, Light, Dark, & Peach Blocks

Glyph Unlocked GlyphG

Image unlocked


Level 11Edit

Blue light glows and yet dissipates to unleash a web of complex forms. What have you uncovered?

Gameplay - Swap

Goal - Brown, Light, Dark, & Peach Blocks

Image unlocked


Level 12Edit

The tools of a hero are within your reach, yet the mysteries of Barsoom still elude you. Continue your exploration and tell others about your quest.

Gameplay - Swap

Goal - Brown, Light, Dark, & Peach Blocks

Image unlocked


Arcade ModeEdit

Arcade mode allows the replaying of all the story mode levels without the interference of the tutorial pop ups or the goal located in the center of the screen. The purpose of the arcade mode seems purely to accumulate points and achieve higher scores!


there are four types of gameplay in the game, slide, swap, connect, and group. The goal of each is to create groups of matching blocks 3 blocks or greater, larger amounts matched at a time leading to larger amounts of points. None of these game types act simultaneously

Slide - You slide rows the match blocks.

Swap - You can swap neighboring blocks.

Connect - You hold down the mouse dragging a line between one block and neighboring blocks of the same color.

Group - Simply click on groups of blocks that are the same color.

Blocks (Symbols)Edit

There are a myriad of colored blocks, each with a martian letter on them!















{| style="width:30%;"|

Symbol-dark | Symbol-light |}

{| style="width:40%;"|

Symbol-match-1 | Symbol-match-2 | Symbol-match-3 |} The above symbols when aligned properly reveal a single Light Symbol


There are several powers acquired by the player throughout the story mode, two are available at the beginning while you slowly acquire the other. These powers become available when matching stones are filled

Symbol-sword Sword - Filled with red blocks, used to destroy a designated block. Using the sword is the only way to destroy Sword Bricks.

Symbol-cannon Cannon-Blast - Activated with orange stones, this cannon blast destroys up to 13 blocks, and using it is the only way to destroy.

Symbol-scramble Scramble - Any color of blocks this power scrambles all the pieces on the board!

Symbol-swap Super Swap - Filled using Green stones this power allows the swapping of any two symbols on the board aside from obstacles, this power is necessary to unlock. light symbols!

Symbol-flare Solar-Flare - Fills with Light Green stones, capable of destroying up to 9 blocks, only way of destroying an infection!


There are a myriad of obstacles impeding the players progress! These can only be destroyed with a specific power up, and cannot be moved by the player!

Symbol-brick Sword Bricks - First introduced in level 2 Sword bricks can only be destroyed by using the sword power, destroying them reveals dark symbols!

Symbol-stones Stones - Can only be destroyed via Cannon-blast provide nothing in return for their destruction!

Symbol-infection Infection - Infected stones will spread, destroy them with a solar-flare before they overtake the board.

Wild WoolaEdit

The player takes control of Woola the faithful Calot of John Carter. Using woolas speed, jumps, and charge attacks you help John Carter collect pieces of a Thern medallion.

The controls are fairly simple, woola moves constantly forward at a set speed pursuing John Carter. The space-bar is used to make woola jump, pressing it twice will cause a double jump, the C button allows for a charge attack. The game is simple and straightforward.

Collecting Blue orbs will cause a speed increase and grant 200 points, and collecting horns will grant 150 points. There is a finite number of these each level.






There are natural obstacles with the landscapes, crevices and such, but there are also a few enemies in the game, these can be defeated by using a charge attack.

Thark RiderEdit

Found on the Thark Arena level, once killed this enemy grants 150 points.



Found on the River Iss level, these enemies work in groups and grant 150 points each when killed.

Zodanga SoldierEdit


Found on the level Zodanga, these soldiers work both alone and in groups, grant 150 points when killed.

Helium SoldierEdit


Found on the level Helium, these soldiers work both alone and in groups, grant 150 points when killed.


1. BarsoomEdit

Horns 13, Orbs 5.

2. Thark ArenaEdit

Horns 15, Orbs 4.

3. River IssEdit

Horns 40, Orbs 6.

4. ZodangaEdit

Horns 45, Orbs 2.

5. HeliumEdit

Horns 36, Orbs 5.