John Carter: World of Mars is a prequel comic to the Disney's film, the first issue released in October 2011 by Marvel Comics. It is written by Peter David, with the art being done by Luke Ross. The series is set for four issues.


The story consists of John Carter retelling stories about Dejah Thoris and Tars Tarkas prior to his arrival on Barsoom. Dejah Thoris' story tells of how she was kidnapped by the Zodangan Sab Than, and Tars Tarkas' story tells of how he and Tal Hajus hunted down the Warhoon Gothan in the hinterlands!



Issue 1

November 9, 2011


Issue 3

December 14, 2011


Issue 2

October 12, 2011


Issue 4

January 18, 2012

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