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Green Martians are one of the races on the planet of Barsoom. They are known for being vicious and warlike. Tharks are Green Martians. They are one of the most predominant races of Barsoom.


Green Martians are green, usually with tusks and six limbs (four arms, two legs). Their ears are similar to antennae and are right above the eyes. The males are typically fifteen feet tall and the females are typically twelve feet tall.



It is against the code for Green Martians to fall in love, or to have children with a lover. A female will lay the eggs of the offspring, but the eggs can take up to five years to hatch. Since the eggs are kept in an incubator underground, no parents know their children and vice versa. The children are thus raised by the community, and not shown any maternal or paternal affection. They are taught to walk, speak and to fight.


The Green Martians are barbaric and detest laws, mining, trade, or any physical labor. Everything they need is made by the women of the community, and their sense of humor is very cruel, and normally involves violence. Their culture often puts them at odds with the Red Martians.


The green Martians are divided amongst tribal lines, these different groups seem to vary slightly physical, and drastically culturally.


The Tharks are noteworthy as being fairly upright and among the least barbaric of the Green Martian peoples


The warhoon are an incredibly savage people, they appear hunched over and are seemingly far more war-like and cruel than the tharks.


Not much is known about Torquas, but they are evidently enemies of Thark and inhabit a region south of their city.